Sarin learns Perimeter, Area and Volume in school part 85 (Math Question)


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Challenge yourself with the question before look out for the given solution‼!

Upper primary school mathematics question UPQ369

Diagram A shows a closed rectangular tank of dimensions 20 cm by 20 cm by 40 cm with a cube of edge 10 cm glued to its bottom left corner. The tank contains 12 litres of water.

Diagram B shows the same rectangular tank lying on its side. Find the height of the water level, in centimeters, corrected to 2 decimal places.




            The cube has each edge of 10cm

            The area of a single face = 10 × 10 = 100cm2

            Base on the diagram

            Below the red line, the container has a base area of 20 × 40 = 800cm2

            The volume of the container below the red line = 10 × 800 = 8000cm2

            Above the red line, the container has a base area = 800 – 100 = 700cm2

            The total amount of water = 12 l = 12000cm3

            The amount of water above the red line = 12000 – 8000 = 4000cm3

            The height of water in the container above the red line = 4000 ÷ 700 = 40/7 cm

            The water level in the container position as diagram = 10 + 40/7 ≈ 15.71cm

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