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Sarin learns Symbol, Algebra and Equation in school (Math Concept)


Symbol representation

We use symbols to represent quantities of specific items to formulate algebraic expressions and/or equations for computation.

Formulation of an algebraic expression and/or equation is to determine the relationship of the items and presenting their interaction behaviors in mathematics sentences. 

The Pictorial Symbol

Sarin’s mother buys a paper bag of oranges from the supermarket. There are 5 oranges in the paper bag.


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Sarin learns Average Number, Percentage, Tables and Charts (Math Concept)


Sarin had taken his school’s 1st Semestral Assessment papers (SA1) in mid-May.

The three subjects that were tested are English, Mathematics and Science.

The 1st Semestral Assessment (SA1) result was released today and Sarin got his assessment papers and result sheet from his teacher. He scored 74 in English subject, 83 in Mathematics subject and 65 in Science subject. Overall 1st Semestral Assessment (SA1), he had a score of 74 marks.

The overall SA1 score of 74 marks is the Average Number of the score of the three subjects.

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Sarin learns Perimeter, Area and Volume in school(Math Concept)



Sarin has a string. The length is one metre. He likes to use the string to form different shapes. First, he ties the two ends of the string and makes the string into different shapes.

He can form the string to the shape of a square, a circle, a rectangle, a triangle, a hexagon and many… many…. different shapes…….

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Sarin learns Shapes and Solids in school(Math Concept)



 When two pairs of parallel lines intersecting each others as left diagram.

 If length of lines ab, bc, cd & ad are equal as well as the angles of intersection are right angles.

 The four line form a square.    

If line bc shift to the right and we have length of line ab equal line dc and length of line ad equal to line bc. If the angles of intersection still remain as right angles. The four lines form a rectangle.

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Sarin learns lines and angles in school (Math Concept)



When two straight lines meet or intersecting each other, they form angles.

Two straight lines can only intersect at one point.

To measure angles

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Sarin learns lines and angles in school (Math concept)

Sarin learns rate of change in school (Math Concept)


Rate of change always denote changes that quantifiable with reference to time.
Examples: Speed of a car is distance that the car can travel in one unit of time; flow rate of a tap is volume of water or liquid that can flow out from the tap in one unit of time, a grow rate of grass field can be the area that the grass can grow on the field in one unit of time; or birth rate of a population is the number of babies that born in one unit of time.

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Sarin and the million numbers (Math Concept)


As an upper primary school student, Sarin has learnt numbers that count to millions as well as how numbers can be represented in decimal numbers, rounding off of numbers and the sequence of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of numbers in mathematics questions. Sarin is delighted as now he knows how to manage the dollars and cents too.


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Sarin learns the concept of Fraction (Mathematics Concept)


What is a fraction?

Sarin has some amount of gadgets and he like to give some of them to his brother, Hairu. To do that, he will need to portion out his gadgets and give the portion that he wishes to give to Hairu. Hairu will have a portion of the gadgets or a fraction of the total gadgets. Sarin left with a portion of the gadgets or a fraction of the total gadgets he has at first.


An example,

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Sarin learns concept of Ratio in upper primary school mathematics


Sarin’s family like to eat fruits. His mother prefers to buy from the supermarket as she can have more choices and cheaper in price. Orange, apple and pear are the family most liking and they eat them every day after their dinner. Sarin is a good helper for his mother in handling the fruits when his mother comes back from marketing.

After Sarin washes and sorts the fruits, he stores them in a big basket.

What is a ratio?

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