To share some primary school mathematics works that I do while I am teaching and guiding my kids. My kids are doing very well!!

The works that create and present in the blog are inline with the mathematics subject teaches in Singapore Primary School. It enhances the undestanding of the students of the subject as well as helping to prepare them for PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination). It also includes some light Singapore stories so to provide a balance learning enviroment to the readers. Learning should be with fun!!! Your kids can defintely learn better if they able to buid up the interest of the subject.

I am extending the work created to the readers via my blog and strongly believe the readers and/or their children will able to benefit from the blog as well as  improve their mathematics problem analysis and solving skills.

About myself:

Master in Electrical Engineering. Indept skills in enginneering management.

Excellence in mathematics!!!

Familiar with Singapore primary school mathematics syllabus!!

My score cards:

1. My elder kid scored a A+ in the mathematics subject during 2012 PLSE. Overall PSLE aggregate scores of 261.

2. My second kid was overall 2nd in the school level. Obtained  95 marks for the mathematics subject.

3. As for my younger one, he was solving P2 level problem sum when he was in P1.

For my readers:

I give primary math home tuition to pupils in the East of Singapore. Parents and pupils, if you have any enquiries, can directly contact me via email to me at : or call/message me on my mobile: +65-90116481 for discussion.

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