Sarin’s family attend concert at the Esplanade Part 34 (Math Question)


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Upper primary school mathematics question UPQ542

In The Esplanade Library, there were 500 fiction books more than non-friction books. When more books were added to the Esplanade Library, the number of fiction books increased by ¼, while the number of non-fiction books increased by 2/3. The total number of books became 3145. How many non-fiction books were there after the increase?


Initially, The number of friction books is 500 more than the number of non-friction books,


Non-frction books increased by 2/3, if subdivision of non-friction books to 3 sub-portions, then we need to add another 2 sub-portions to the model,


The frction books increased by ¼, in order to fit in the model, we need to subdivided one sub-portoion into 4 smaller portions.

The final model as below.


Per the model,

35 units = 3145 – 500 – 125 = 2520

1 unit = 72 books

The number of non-fiction books after increased = 20 × 72 = 1440

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