Sarin’s family and The Great Singapore Sale


It is June! It is the school holidays! Sarin, Hairu and Fatimah are thrilled at the thought of the 4 weeks’ break from school work, tests and exams. The family also enthusiastic about the month as the June month is also the month that a large-scale national event is held. It is the Great Singapore Sale‼

The Great Singapore Sale is an annual mega shopping event in Singapore. It usually takes place in June and July and run for two full months. Although it is called a sale, the Great Singapore Sale is actually an event that is co-organized by the Singapore Tourism Board and many other retail companies, stores and malls to promote the tourism industry in Singapore and also to boost the economy. It started with participating shops in Orchard Road, but now the Great Singapore Sale can be found in many retail outlets all round in Singapore including the shop houses in HDB estates that serving the Singaporeans living in the estates.

Shops taking part in the Sale sell many goods at very low or discounted prices. Such shops include bookshops, stores selling electronic goods and many more. It is a good time to shop and buy because they are very cheap, and prices might be slashed up to 70% off its original prices! Thus many tourists often flock to Singapore during this shopping season to grab the great bargains. Details of prices are also featured on television commercials to let us know where to get good bargains.


During this season, Sarin and his siblings will pester their parents to buy them the things that they have been waiting for.  They knew that their parent will buy it for them as this is the time to get them at super low prices.

Sarin likes to have a pair of Puma soccer boot as he is picking up soccer lessons during the June school holiday.

Hairu is looking forward to have a LEDs operated Dragon light for his study table.


Fatimah looks forward to buying her stationeries at Popular Bookstore. As she is their member, she can enjoy even higher discount of up to 30% during this sale period.

While Fatimah looks forward to buying her stationeries , her mother looks forward to buy cloth and accessories from textile and jewelry shops in Kampong Glam or Little India which she can find big bargain and good in quality.

It is also a good time for Sarin’s father to visit the electronics and electrical fare held in Singapore Expo  as there are plenty to buy for the coming Ramadan festival.


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