Sarin and his coin bank


Sarin has a coin bank and it is a gift from his father when he was a primary one student. Father gave him the coin bank as a birthday gift and he wanted him to start the habit of saving and watching his expenses from an early age.

The coin bank that Sarin has is a “noisy” can. It is made of metal and has a slot on top of the can for him to slot in his coins. Sarin likes his coin bank and whenever he drops a coin into the coin bank, it will make a pretty loud “tong” sound. The loud “tong” sound begin to turn softer and then tail off within a second. Sarin feels that the sound is wonderful and amazing and he is always eager to put in more coins. When there are many coins in the coin bank and Sarin shakes it hard, it gives out an even louder and nosier “tong” sounds. “Tong”, “tong”, “tong”… It is a “noisy” can!


“You should not regret that you did not have an umbrella with you when you are caught in the rain.” Sarin’s father wants him to understand how important it is to have ready money when he needs it. Every morning when Sarin goes to school, he receives some pocket money from his father to spend on meals during recess. He wants Sarin to plan how much he needs to spend and save the leftover money in his coin bank. “If you able to keep a bit a day, you will have quite a sum of money after a few days!” Since then, Sarin learnt to make it a habit to save some of his pocket money in the coin bank. When Sarin’s coin bank is full, he pours out all the coins and counts the number of coins he has, and then calculates the sum of the value of his savings. His father will then bring him to the bank to deposit the coins into his savings account.

Hairu and Fatimah have their own coin banks too! The three of them have continued the savings habit for years and they like the “tong” sounds too! When the three siblings get together with their “noisy” cans, they like to shake them as hard as they can. “Tong”, “tong”, “tong”…It is fun and the “tong” sounds turn into beautiful music…They love their “noisy” cans!



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