Sarin’s family and Ramadan Part 8 (Math Question)


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Upper primary school mathematics question UPQ258

Sarin is cleaning up a storage shelf during Ramadan. He has 7 identical blue boxes to place on the shelf. If he arranges the blue boxes on the shelf as in figure 1, he find out that he can only place 6 blue boxes on it. When he rearranges the blue boxes as figure 2 shown, he manages to place all the blue boxes on the shelf. Figures are not to scale.








a) Find the length of the gap G.

b) Find the height of the shelf.

c) How Sarin should position the 7th box in the shelf in Figure 2?


            The boxes are identical so the area, breadth and length of the boxes are measured the same or same in size.

            Approach the question by considering only 6 boxes on the shelf as figure 1 arrangement only can take in 6 boxes.

            The 6 boxes occupied same area in both figures. As well as the unoccupied area are the same in both figures.








          1m = 100cm

          The area of the unoccupied space = 60 × 0.9 × 100 = 5400 cm2

          The breadth of the box = 0.9 × 100 ÷ 2 = 45cm

          In figure 1, the area of the unoccupied space is in the shape of two rectangles

          The area of rectangle B = 4 × 45 × G = 5400 – 10 × 0.9 × 100 = 4500 cm2

          The gap G = 4500 ÷ 4 ÷ 45 = 25cm

          The length of the box = 90 – 25 = 65cm

          The height of the cupboard = 60 + 3 × 65 = 255cm

          Sarin only can place the 7th box in horizontal position in the shelf in figure 2.

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