Sarin participates in school anniversary event part 11 (Math Question)


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Upper primary school mathematics question UPQ214

Sarin’s teacher went to a stationary shop to buy some pens for the school anniversary event. The stationary shop had some blue and red pens. There were twice as many red pens as blue pens. The shop sold the pens in bundles of 2 red pens and 3 blue pens. After selling all the blue pens to Sarin’s teacher, the shop still had 120 red pens left. How many pens did the stationary shop have at first?


                        Ratio of the bundles, Red pens : Blue pens = 2 : 3



                        Since the ratio of red pens to blue pens = 2 : 1 = 6 : 3

                        The different number of red pens and blue pens or the red pens left is 6 – 2 = 4 units



                                    Form the model

                                    4U = 120

                                    1U = 30

                                    Number of red pens = 6 × 30 = 180

                                    Number of blue pens = 180 ÷ 2 = 90

                                    Total number of pens = 180 + 90 = 270            

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