Sarin’s father crossing the Causeway part 9 (Math Question)


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Upper primary school mathematics question UPQ169

At the Causeway, the number of motorcycles in Woodland Custom Checkpoint was 1/2 the number of cars. There were 220 more cars than motorcycles. After some motorcycles crossed the Woodland Custom Checkpoint, the number of cars in the Woodland Custom Checkpoint was ten times the number of remaining motorcycles. How many motorcycles crossed the Woodland Checkpoint?


             Draw a model based on the ratio on motorcycles and Cars at first

                        The number of motorcycles at first = 220

                        The number of cars at first = 2 × 220 = 440


                        The motorcycles and cars = 1 : 10

                        10 units = 440

                        1 unit = 44

                        Motorcycles at the Woodland Custom Checkpoint = 44

                        Motorcycles crossed the Woodland Custom Checkpoint = 220 – 44 = 176

Alternative solution:

                        Start the model base on final ratio than work backward to ratio at first          

                        From the model,

                        5 units = 220

                        1 unit = 44

                        Motorcycles crossed the Woodland Custom Checkpoint = 4 × 44 = 176

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