Sarin learns Average Number, Percentage, Tables and Charts (Math Concept)


Sarin had taken his school’s 1st Semestral Assessment papers (SA1) in mid-May.

The three subjects that were tested are English, Mathematics and Science.

The 1st Semestral Assessment (SA1) result was released today and Sarin got his assessment papers and result sheet from his teacher. He scored 74 in English subject, 83 in Mathematics subject and 65 in Science subject. Overall 1st Semestral Assessment (SA1), he had a score of 74 marks.

The overall SA1 score of 74 marks is the Average Number of the score of the three subjects.

If you have a set of numbers, the average number of the set is found by adding all numbers in the set and dividing their sum by the total number of numbers added in the set.

An average isalso called a mean value. It is the mid-value of the set of numbers but is or is not the mid-value of the range of the numbers.

Sarin scored 74 marks in English subject and happen that the score is also the mid-value of number range from 65 to 83.

While examining his English SA1 paper, Sarin noticed that teacher missed out a score of 3 marks from a question. The score of Sarin’s English subject is corrected to 77 marks.

The average score is not the mid-value of the range of the numbers.

With the correction of the 1st Semestral Assessment (SA1) result, Sarin’s overall result has fallen within Band 1.

Sarin is not satisfied about his score in Science subject (SA1). He knows that he needs to work hard to get a better score in 2nd Semestral Assessment (SA2).

Sarin remembers that his teacher did tell him that the score in the SA1 is thirty Percentage (30%) of the full-year assessment and SA2 will contribute 70 Percentage (70%) of the overall result.

Percentage is nothing more than a portion in a whole in term of fraction of 100.

30% means 30 in 100 or 30/100 or 0.30

0.3 × 100% = 30%

Can Sarin obtain 85 marks for science subject in full year assessment?

His score in Science SA1 = 65 marks

SA1 contributes 30% of full year Science subject score

His Science SA1 score in term of full year is 65 × 30% = 65 × 30/100 = 19.5 marks

To score 85 marks in full year Science subject, he needs 85 – 19.5 = 65.5 marks

Sarin will need a score = 65.5 × 100/ 70 = 93.58 ~~ 94 marks in SA2‼‼!

Tables, Graph and Charting

A Table is a spread sheet or a matrix that use to gather information or data orderly. A table needs to have clear title and heading to define the information or data in the columns or rows. Usage of the table can be information or data analysis or to produce Graphs or Charts for use.

Sarin can set up a table for Full Year Assessment Distribution by input the assessment and their percentages.

He can use the above information to make bar graphs or bar charts.

Sarin also can use the information to make a pie-charts.

A Pie-Chart is circular in shape. The full circle (pie) is one whole or 100%. The total of SA1 and SA2 score is 100%.

Sarin can read from the graph or the chart, SA2 is higher in percentage in Full year Assessment score. It is 40% more as compare to SA1.

Sarin also can set up a table based on his individual subjects in SA1.

From the table, he can make the bar chart and pie chart. Sarin named the chart as “SA1 Subjects Score 2011”.

Sarin also had a set of data on last year SA1, he can include them for comparison or use to measure his academic performance year on year.

The bar graphs of the Mid-year Assessment 2010-2011

You can know from the graph that

  • Sarin makes improvement in English
  • Sarin worst subject is Science
  • Science have biggest decline in marks
  • SA1 2010 is performed better than SA1 2011

The line chart of the 1st Semestral Assessment 2010-2011.

It is very useful to determine the trend of the subject matter. Compare between the two lines, Sarin can know that:

  • He makes improvement in English in SA1 2011
  • His Science subject is under perform and lost 13 marks as compare to SA1 2010
  • Overall, his performance worst than in 2010
  • To improve his overall performance, he will need to improve his marks in Science subject.

There are spread sheets and charting software that can assist you in Table and Chart generation.

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