Sarin, Hairu and Fatimah make greeting cards for Mother’s Day


It is Mother’s Day this Sunday. Sarin, Hairu and Fatimah had gathered together on Saturday afternoon to discuss what would be the best things they would do to celebrate the special day with their beloved mother.

Sarin wanted to help his mother to do housework to thank her for always helping him to tidy up his bed without fail every day. Hairu wanted to help his mother to cook so as to thank her for cooking lots of delicious dishes for the family all these years. Fatimah would like to give her mum a big kiss on her cheek to thank her for waking her up every day on time for school. They also reminded each other, not to miss out making greeting cards for their mother.

They took three pieces of rectangular papers to make the cards. They also prepared glitter pens, colour pencils, beautiful stickers and rolls of pictorial and colourful tapes to add design to the cards.

Sarin and Hairu then folded their papers into half as both of them like to create their own folded cards. Fatimah likes to have her card as a large unfolded sheet and she wanted the card to have lots of flowers. While Fatimah coloured her flowers in many beautiful colours, Sarin and Hairu decorated their cards using the coloured tapes. They used markers to write the words “Happy Mother’s Day!” on the front of the card.

The three children began writing their Mother’s Day messages on the card and decorated it with glitter pens. The cards were ready!

Sarin, Hairu and Fatimah were excited and they wanted to surprise their mother with the specially made cards. They decided to place the card on her bedside table so she will get the sweet surprise early in the morning.

Oh! Last but not least, what should they say to her mother during Mother’s day?

                 “Mum, we love you!”


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  1. Your article is really very nice the cards made by Sarin, Hairu and Fatimah for the mother ay is very impressive as there designs are really very nice love these Sarin, Hairu and Fatimah greeting cards.

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