Hairu shares his stickers part 13(Math Question)


Lower primary school mathematics question LPQ21

Hairu and Fatimah have the same number of stickers. The number of stickers each has is between20 to 60. When Hairu arranges his stickers in group of 4, he has 2 stickers left over. When Fatimah arranges her stickers in group of 7, she has no sticker left. How many stickers does Hairu has?


            Note:   a.  Hairu and Fatimah have same amount of stickers

                          b. When Fatimah arranges the stickers in group of 7, no more left. The number                      

                               of stickers is multiple of 7

            We break out group of 7 to group of 4 and group of 3,



            Above model, give 1 sticker left if re-grouping stickers in 4.

            Therefore, to have 2 stickers left over, number of stickers that Hairu has is = 4 × 5 × 2 + 2 = 42


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