Sarin participates in school anniversary event part 4(math question)


Read posting Sarin participates in school anniversary event part 1 for school anniversary.

Upper primary school mathematics question UPQ38

Sarin bought a box of pens to use during the school anniversary event. 1/5 of them were green, 1/3 of them were red and 2/7 of the remainder were blue. The rest were yellow. If he had 96 blue pens, how many green and yellow pens did he have in all?


Math model for the remainder,

Divide remainder to seven units, 2 units are blue and the rest 5 units are yellow,

 Per the above model,

 1 unit = 96 ÷ 2 = 48 pens

Yellow pens = 5 × 48 = 240

Total remainder had 96 + 240 = 336 pens

Math model for all pens,

Per the above model,

 1 unit = 96 ÷ 2 = 48 pens

Green pens = 3 × 48 = 144

The number of green and yellow pens he had = 240 + 144 = 384


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    • Yah, the aim is to make it easy for parents, teachers, tution teachers or readers to understand and can explain to their kids and students. Even the students that read the blog posting, can self learn without issues. ( Can post question to me if still need help).

      I do my blog using microsoft word than cut and pasted into the blog posting board. So all the math model drawings are generate in microsoft word. But the cut and paste does not work for drawings in word document. I have to export them to paint to covert them to jpeg documents than insert in the post. The appearance not really very sharp and require a bit of time to get it done. This is so far the best method that I can find after trying out some other ways. You need to use office 2007 and above. Will like to learn from you, if you have better way.

      I do think of using video scripts so that can show and explain how the math models constructed. Does not able to get what I want and expect.

      Any ideas to make the blog better are welcome.


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