Fatimah and Hairu enjoy Congkak game part 5 (Math Question)


See the posting on Fatimah and Hairu play Congkak to know about Congkak game.

Upper primary school mathematics question UPQ27

Fatimah had some marbles. During a Congkak game, she won 10 marbles and then lost 1/3 of the marbles she had. In a second Congkak game, she lost 12 marbles and had 40 marbles left. How many marbles did she have at first?


Math model:

Per the model:

Remainder after first game was 2 units = 40 + 12 = 52 marbles

1 unit = 26 marbles

Total marbles she had after won 10 marbles is 3 units = 3 × 26 = 78 marbles


Fatimah had 78 – 10 = 68 marbles at first.

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