Sarin’s family attend a concert at the Esplanade


For the good work done during the school anniversary celebration event, the school has decided to permanently display the big banner with all the autographs that had been collected by Sarin’s team in the school assembly hall to mark the success of the event. In appreciation of Sarin’s team effort, the school had rewarded each of the team member with musical concert tickets for them and their family.  (To read about the school anniversary event, please read posting Sarin participates in school anniversary event part 1(math question))

The musical concert is held in the concert hall of Esplanade. Sarin and his family are looking forward to attend the concert as this will be their first time that they are attending a concert in Singapore’s largest art performance venue. Moreover, the performance is scheduled on the night of mother’s day! Sarin’s family will like to make that day a memorable day for their mother and the family.

The full name of Esplanade is called Esplanade – Theatres on the bay. The locals like to call it “the durian” as it looks like two pieces of durian husk. It is located on prime waterfront land by Marina Bay, and offers a complete lifestyle experience – dining, shopping, and the performing arts. It is located beside Singapore’s central business and commercial district. It was officially opened on 12 October 2002.

To know more about Esplanade, you can visit web sites as follows:

Esplanade official site



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