Sarin learns the concept of Fraction (Mathematics Concept)


What is a fraction?

Sarin has some amount of gadgets and he like to give some of them to his brother, Hairu. To do that, he will need to portion out his gadgets and give the portion that he wishes to give to Hairu. Hairu will have a portion of the gadgets or a fraction of the total gadgets. Sarin left with a portion of the gadgets or a fraction of the total gadgets he has at first.


An example,

Sarin has one carton of packet drinks. There are 24 packets in one carton and he gives 8 packets to Hairu. So Sarin is left with 16 packets.

In terms of fraction, Sarin has given one third (1/3) of his packet drinks to Hairu.

Fraction = 8/24 = 1/3 and Sarin is left with 16/24 = 2/3 of his packet drinks.

In another word,

Hairu has 1 portion of the drinks and Sarin left with 2 portions of the drinks.

Mathematics model for fraction

Based on the above example


You can redraw the mathematics model based on the Fraction information


The Fraction model suggested to us that, we can split the total number of drinks to 3 equal portions/blocks. Hairu has 1 portion/block and Sarin has 2 portions/blocks.

It is commonly use 1 unit to express 1 equal block/Portion in mathematics model for standardisation and ease of computation.

From the model,

Sarin has 2 units of drinks

Hairu has 1 unit of drinks

Total drinks are 3 units

Since Hairu has 8 drinks

1 unit = 8 drinks in this case.

With a given fraction, you can find out how many packets of drink each of them has.

Sarin has 2/3 of the 24 packets of drinks, so he has 24× (2/3) = 16 packets left

Hairu has 1/3 of the 24 packets of drinks, so he has 24× (1/3) = 8 packets from his brother.

Using the model

1 unit = 8 drinks

2 units = 2 × 8 = 16 drinks

The number of drinks that Sarin has = 16

3 units = 3 × 8 = 24 drinks

There are 24 drinks in one carton

Another way to look at Fraction,

Sarin’s mother bought Sarin a 2kg birthday cake, Sarin is to cut it into 5 identical pieces to share with the family member. Each of his family members received 1/5 of the cake.


Total number of family members = 5, Sarin cut the cake into 5 equal pieces/portions.

Each family member has 1 piece, so each family member has 1/5 of the one whole cake.

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